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Degraded performance, intermittent problems, damaged equipment, and fires can all be attributed to inadequate surge protection.  In fact, an ordinary surge protector can be worse than no protection at all.

In business since 1989, Zero Surge’s patented products have never experienced a surge failure or fire.  They are designed to repeatedly withstand worst case surges and remove EMI/RFI noise disturbances from the power line.  Every unit is made in the USA and  goes through stringent testing as part of our quality assurance program.

Business Customers

Our business products are widely used by industrial facilities, corporations, banks, the U.S. government, U.S. military, hospitals, universities, laboratories, and more. Click here to learn more

Residential Customers

We have a wide variety of products for residential applications including home office, gaming systems, home electronics, and even aquariums. Click here to learn more

Zero Surge is excited to introduce our new web series exploring popular topics in surge protection.

We created short videos to explain many of the popular topics we discuss with our customers.  We also created a Zero Surge YouTube channel for viewing and sharing. We will announce new videos via our various social media pages (linked below).  Please share with your friends and colleagues.  By subscribing to our YouTube channel, you will be automatically notified when a new video is posted.  Click on a picture to view the video.

Whole Building Surge Protection Learn why Zero Surge does NOT recommend the use of whole building surge protectors.
Surge Protection for Ungrounded Receptacles If your building still has ungrounded receptacles there is a solution for surge protecting your sensitive electronics.
Business Applications To keep the sensitive electronics in your business safe, you need Zero Surge to protect this equipment from the random failures caused by electric surges.
Zero Surge Series Mode Filter Technology Created over 27 years ago, Zero Surge’s series mode filter technology revolutionized the way we protect sensitive electronics.
residential use thumb Residential Applications You have invested thousands of dollars in sensitive electronics. Protect that investment with Zero Surge.
mov truth thumb The Truth About MOVs Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) are the heart of most surge protectors and UPS.  Find out why Zero Surge has a better solution.


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Important Alert: Check for updated MOV surge suppressor recalls.  Click here for information.