Business Products

Business ProductsZero Surge has several product categories to meet the requirements of various business applications. From easy to use point-of-use plug-in models, to open modules that can fit within a manufacturer’s product design, or branch circuit and sub-panel protection for dedicated lines, we offer a variety of high-end, high-performance solutions. Most Zero Surge products are designed for 120VAC applications, but we also offer select models for 240V European and 240/208US applications.

All Zero Surge products contain Spectrum WVR® Wide Voltage Range (non-MOV) filter technology which operates over a wide voltage range of 85V-175V (120VAC) or 85V-265V (240VAC-European), filtering dangerous surge energy with a safe, low let-through voltage.

Please click on each section below to view the available products in the category. Custom configurations are also available for large volume purchases.

Plug In Models
2 outlet, 8 outlet, 10 outlet, and specialty models plug directly into wall receptacle.

OEM Open Chassis Modules
Open modules and DIN rail mounts, in 5A, 8A, 15A, and 20A for incorporation in a manufacturer’s products or electrical design.

Commercial/Industrial Products
Facilities filters for branch circuit and sub-panel protection.