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What makes Zero Surge products unique and superior?

Residential DoorOriginally designed for industrial applications, Zero Surge’s heavy duty, high-performance power quality filters are widely used by individual consumers looking for superior protection to what is typically offered in office supply stores, home electronics stores, and home improvement centers.

  • Spectrum Wide Voltage Range (WVR) was designed for the demands of today’s sensitive electronics. Most other surge suppression uses 30 year old technology.
  • Audio and video noise is eliminated because surges are not sent to the ground line, keeping it clean for all equipment plugged into the same line.
  • Avoids system lock ups, lost data, slow response and damaged hardware which can all be attributed to improper surge protection.
  • Our filters control noise/distortion in home electronics applications.
  • Only non-degrading, safe components are used assuring safety, peace of mind, and total surge protection.
  • Certified to Underwriters Laboratories standards not only for safety, but also for performance and endurance (optional testing not often done with the results publicized).

In business since 1989, Zero Surge products have withstood the test of time (no surge induced failures or fires in the company’s history) and every unit is 100% computerized surge tested as part of our quality assurance program.

Residential Products

Zero Surge Inc. – Advanced surge protection technology for the 21st century

Important Alert:  CPSC Recalls 15 million surge protectors. Click here for information.