“4/3/2012…a day that will long live in the memory of Dallas residents.  Just wanted you to know that WFAA was reporting 25,000 lightning strikes per hour…multiple tornadoes, flooding, tractor trailers being picked up and flying thru the air…so on.  Last night my Zero Surge units buzzed several times as lightning hit in the area…this morning all my delicate electronic equipment was safe and sound…not one single problem or any damage.  Just thought you would like to know.  Finally a product that actually does just exactly what the maker claims…thank you for producing it.” — Stephen Brown, Dallas, TX

 “As a Zero Surge user, thank you.  From the start two years ago to this day I have never had an equipment failure due to a power problem at my radio network studio or transmitter sites.  We have had many power related problems and nothing gets to my equipment thanks to the Zero Surge units.  Having this type of protection in my line of business gives me great peace of mind.  I also use the Zero Surge units for my personal/business computers, home studio, security system and entertainment systems.” — Tim Kochis, President/Engineer Radio Communications Unlimited

 “We have never seen any power filter perform as effectively as Zero Surge; you have an excellent product which should revolutionize power protection for computers as well as a host of other power surge sensitive peripheral devices.” — Philip L. Nace, Associated Micro Systems & Computers, Inc.

 “All units have operated flawlessly since installation.  I have concluded that Zero Surge will be the only surge suppression product recommended to clients herewith.” — William P. Woodall, WoodMill Press

 “In the several months since installing Zero Surge, we have had no lock-ups, including through the major lightning storms in early July.  We are now recommending Zero Surge for all our existing systems and are specifying the unit for all current projects.” — Tom Gallub, All County Access Systems

“To this date, I have had only one electricity related failure in my classroom, and it was on the only computer not connected to a Zero Surge unit.  We have had several major surges damage other units in the school district while my lab has avoided all electrical problems.” — David W. Link, Joseph Kerr Middle School

 “We were using the metal oxide varistor type surge suppressor and noise filter with limited success.  The average lifetime was less than three to four months.  We switched to Zero Surge about a year ago, and to this day we have had not one single failure.” — Luis M. Tur, Vice-President, Nortech Marine, Inc.