UL1449 vs UL1283

UL 1449 is the safety standard for “SPD” Surge Protective Devices. The appropriate safety listing for a surge suppressor that uses MOVs as clamping components is UL 1449. These types of Plug-In devices clamp and divert surges, and wear out with use.

UL 1283 is the safety standard for “Electromagnetic Interference Filters”. Zero Surge technology is filter technology. Since surges consist of a brief burst of high frequency energy, surges can be eliminated using appropriate filtering technology. This technology does not wear out with use.

A-1-1 Certification

All Zero Surge products meet the A-1-1 Classification. Surge suppression has been classified by the US Government using the following terminology:

  • Grade A is the best endurance: 1,000 surges of 6,000 volts, 3,000 amps with no degradation.
  • Class 1 specifies the best voltage suppression of 330 volts peak for 6,000 volt, 3,000 amp surges.
  • Mode 1 is Line to Neutral suppression. This avoids ground wire contamination.