Critical Suppressor Ratings

If your 120 volt electrical appliances and electronics are vital to you, it is essential that you select surge protection products that are:

  • SAFE: For safety, the overvoltage rating (MCOV) should be at least 150 Volts.
  • EFFECTIVE: For effectiveness, the let-through voltage rating (VPR) should be as low as possible. 330 volts is recommended.
  • RELIABLE: For reliability, avoid products with MOV suppression elements as they have a long history of degradation and failure, requiring failure indicators often called “protection still working.”
  • DURABLE: For durability, an actual 1,000 surge endurance rating.  NO misleading JOULE rating to wonder about.

TRU-BLOCK™  and typical MOV technology comparisons:

Product MCOV VPR Sacrificial Notes
MOV Panel protector 150 700 yes Very Poor VPR-performance
MOV Plug-in protector 127 400 yes Very Poor MCOV-safety
TRU-BLOCK™ Panel protector 175 330 no Excellent MCOV and VPR
TRU-BLOCK™ Plug-in 175 330 no Excellent MCOV and VPR

Patented, award winning TRU-BLOCK™ with Spectrum WVR® powerline filters are available that have a MCOV of 175 volts, effective VPRs of 330 volts, endurance rating of 1,000 surges and very wide voltage range operation.

With over 22 years service in critical applications these products offer far better protection, reliability, endurance, safety and overall performance than MOV based products.
Typical Tru-Block™ Specifications:

  • Technology: Series Mode filter with Spectrum WVR® Wide Voltage Range
  • MCOV: 175 Vac.  Effective voltage range: 85-175 Vac.
  • VPR (Let-through Voltage): 330 Volts maximum let-through voltage.
  • Safety Certifications: CSA 22.2 No. 8-M1986, UL 1283 5th edition, UL 1363.
  • Voltage, Current Ratings: 120 / 240 Vac, 15 and 20 amps.
  • Endurance: 1,000 worst case pulses; >10,000 @ 4,000 Volts; >100,000 at 2,000 Volts.
  • Warranty: 10 years