Power Quality Filters outperform Surge Suppressors!

The following actual oscillograms dramatically demonstrate the superior surge suppression of WVR filters when compared with conventional surge suppressors.

For optimum protection from surges and noise, the goal is to keep the surge energy from exceeding the normal power wave region. The following oscillograms clearly show that WVR filters are far more effective at restricting unwanted surge let-through energy (it is not just the voltage but also the duration that is important- hence our focus is on energy rather than merely voltage).

The WVR filter allows a small amount of energy lasting only 20 microseconds, compared with surge suppressors which let through greater energy lasting over 35 microseconds in the positive direction and over 100 microseconds in the negative direction!

WVR filters are not required to have “protection working” indicators since there is no history of failures or fires, or other safety related problems with filters.

Responses to a 6,000 Volt/3,000 Amp Surge
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Zero Surge WVR® PQ Filter

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